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01 Jun Xiaomi HyperCharge shows off 200W wired and 120W wireless charging
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Battery technology, especially for smartphones, hasn’t evolved that much in the past years. That’s why smartphone makers have, instead, tried to upgra..
24 May Android 12 reveals the most significant changes for the OS in years: Beta 1 in-depth overview
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At I/O 2021 Google released the Android 12 Beta 1, which is a raw version of what the final OS will look like. The stable public build is set to arriv..
20 May Watch Samsung’s 17-inch foldable tablet and rollable phone in action
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This week Samsung Display showed off a pair of devices that make folding a touchscreen seem simple. It’s not easy to nail this situation down – not by..
18 Apr Galaxy Z Fold Tab with tri-fold design could launch early next year
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Even with Huawei’s, Motorola’s, and now even Xiaomi’s presence, it’s hard to deny that, at least for the moment, Samsung has cornered the foldable pho..
11 Apr Sony’s most popular PlayStation game franchises are heading to mobile
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Sony is planning a big push into the mobile gaming world, according to a new job listing from the company. Unlike Nintendo with its lukewarm mobile ga..
02 Mar Epson’s new smart glasses get a big field-of-view and blunt expectations
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Epson is launching a new set of augmented reality glasses, with the Moverio BT-40 and BT-40S promising a bigger field of view and much higher resoluti..
07 Feb Xiaomi Quad-curved Waterfall Display concept has no room for bezels
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The war over bezels wages on and we are nowhere near the end yet. Punch-hole cutouts are just a stopgap measure until the ideal under-display camera o..
07 Nov Four best designed phones of 2020
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Smartphones will come and go but only a few will leave their mark when remembered years down the line. Although coronavirus pandemic disrupted virtual..
25 Oct 4x OnePlus 8T details that make this phone unique
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Today we’re going to discuss four details unique to this device that you’ll want to know before buying from any source, carrier or otherwise.4. The sp..
11 Oct Snapdragon 875 is coming: What to expect from the flagship chipset
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Smartphones these days are powerhouses, able to perform any process and graphics-intensive task you throw at them. This is made possible with the new ..
09 Oct Galaxy Z Fold 3 hinge could have a light indicator
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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 undoubtedly fixes a lot of the complaints and problems users had with the Galaxy Fold. It now has a stronger flexible screen, a mo..
07 Oct Apple’s iPhone 12 event is on October 13 – What to expect
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Apple will hold its next event on October 13, with invites for what’s expected to be its big iPhone 12 reveal landing today – and the “Hi, Speed” tagl..
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