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03 Sep Apple Watch 6 could get Touch ID, gesture tracking and more long-demanded features
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There are plenty of smartwatches available to buy, with a wide range of useful features, and while Apple Watches have some of these neat tools, there ..
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IPHONE 12: UP TO ALL RUMORSAs soon as a new iPhone comes out, speculation and rumors about the next edition begin. In 2020, Apple's new launch is expe..
20 Nov Samsung Galaxy Fold now at Direct Vision
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The Samsung Galaxy Fold has arrived at Direct Vision!Samsung refined the Galaxy Fold over the course of a five-month delay to its launch, reinforcing ..
29 Sep Mi Mix Alpha phone has a bonkers wrap-around screen
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There’s a Xiaomi-made smartphone out there in the world called Mi Mix Alpha, and it’s got a wrap-around display. This device’s introduction to the wor..
10 Jul Galaxy Tab S6 could have two cameras on its back
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If you’re still hoping for a more premium version of the mid-range Galaxy Tab S5e, better lay those hopes to rest. A Galaxy Tab S5, without the “e” wo..
17 Jun Galaxy Note 10 coming in late August with slim bezels.
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The Galaxy Note 10 was at the center of controversy because of some of the changes that Samsung will allegedly be introducing in this year’s S Pen pha..
10 May Galaxy Fold might get a new release date soon
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It may not be long before Samsung is ready to launch the Galaxy Fold. I was nearly ready to do just that at one point in the recent past, but then som..
06 May Ways for Samsung to bounce back from the Galaxy Fold issues
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Samsung is no stranger to crisis. When complaints about faulty Galaxy Fold screens started popping up on the internet, it’s hard not to make compariso..
02 May OnePlus 7 specs leaked alongside overhyped OnePlus 7 Pro
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In less than two weeks, OnePlus will be unveiling two smartphones. Of the two, the OnePlus 7 Pro has obviously received the bulk of the attention, bot..
30 Apr If this is the 2019 Motorola Razr foldable, I’m in
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Multiple rumors over past months have claimed Motorola plans to release an updated version of its iconic Razr cell phone, only this time as a smartpho..
26 Mar Call Of Duty: Mobile Announced For iOS And Android With Trailer Video, Beta Coming Soon
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If playing one of the many different Battle Royale games available for iOS and Android doesn’t float your boat, we have good news. Call of Duty: Mobil..
12 Mar Samsung’s new Galaxy Fold video tries to add “why” to the “wow”
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Folding phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X certainly have geek-appeal, but how exactly are they meant to improve everyday life? Tha..
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