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07 Nov Four best designed phones of 2020
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Smartphones will come and go but only a few will leave their mark when remembered years down the line. Although coronavirus pandemic disrupted virtual..
25 Oct 4x OnePlus 8T details that make this phone unique
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Today we’re going to discuss four details unique to this device that you’ll want to know before buying from any source, carrier or otherwise.4. The sp..
11 Oct Snapdragon 875 is coming: What to expect from the flagship chipset
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Smartphones these days are powerhouses, able to perform any process and graphics-intensive task you throw at them. This is made possible with the new ..
09 Oct Galaxy Z Fold 3 hinge could have a light indicator
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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 undoubtedly fixes a lot of the complaints and problems users had with the Galaxy Fold. It now has a stronger flexible screen, a mo..
07 Oct Apple’s iPhone 12 event is on October 13 – What to expect
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Apple will hold its next event on October 13, with invites for what’s expected to be its big iPhone 12 reveal landing today – and the “Hi, Speed” tagl..
03 Sep Apple Watch 6 could get Touch ID, gesture tracking and more long-demanded features
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There are plenty of smartwatches available to buy, with a wide range of useful features, and while Apple Watches have some of these neat tools, there ..
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IPHONE 12: UP TO ALL RUMORSAs soon as a new iPhone comes out, speculation and rumors about the next edition begin. In 2020, Apple's new launch is expe..
20 Nov Samsung Galaxy Fold now at Direct Vision
admin 0 265
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has arrived at Direct Vision!Samsung refined the Galaxy Fold over the course of a five-month delay to its launch, reinforcing ..
29 Sep Mi Mix Alpha phone has a bonkers wrap-around screen
admin 0 938
There’s a Xiaomi-made smartphone out there in the world called Mi Mix Alpha, and it’s got a wrap-around display. This device’s introduction to the wor..
10 Jul Galaxy Tab S6 could have two cameras on its back
admin 0 943
If you’re still hoping for a more premium version of the mid-range Galaxy Tab S5e, better lay those hopes to rest. A Galaxy Tab S5, without the “e” wo..
17 Jun Galaxy Note 10 coming in late August with slim bezels.
admin 0 376
The Galaxy Note 10 was at the center of controversy because of some of the changes that Samsung will allegedly be introducing in this year’s S Pen pha..
10 May Galaxy Fold might get a new release date soon
admin 0 780
It may not be long before Samsung is ready to launch the Galaxy Fold. I was nearly ready to do just that at one point in the recent past, but then som..
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