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Car Chargers

Brand: Baseus
Mini design! Get rid of complicated design saving precious space in a car. It can't be any smallAlmost invisible! Only 0,9 cm above the port. It’s not protrusive and no hand interfering when is installed in a car.2 USB output ports = charge 2 devices simultaneously.Charger shell is made fr..
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Brand: Baseus
Baseus car charger with USB and USB Type C 40 W portsDo you need a car charger that quickly charges two devices at the same time? While driving, connect them to the Baseus gadget equipped with a USB and USB Type C port. It supports Xiaomi and Samsung fast charging protocols, because it has BPS II fa..
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Brand: Baseus
Metal body: Classic appearance, exquisite design and fine texture40W high power: Up to 20W single port output and up to 40W total output make charging fasterTrickle charging protects batteries: Smart selection of trickle charging mode to avoid overcharging a phoneSoft light display: An Ice blue soft..
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Brand: Canyon
If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, this holder is for you! It is equipped with a 15W wireless charger and is designed to fit the iPhone 12/13 case – its dimensions, weight and ergonomics. The holder is clipped firmly on a car air vent and securely holds your smartphone in place even during heavy..
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Brand: Baseus
Wireless charger: This device acts as a vehicle bracket and a wireless charger, holding your phone and charging it effectively while on the road.Infrared induction: With automatic infrared induction, a mobile phone can be automatically attached with the metal arms.Smart recognition: Wireless charger..
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Brand: Baseus
Baseus Light Electric Fast Wireless Car Charger / Car Holder with Infrared Sensor - 15W, 4.7"-6.5"All you need for your smartphone in your vehicle - the Baseus Light Electric car holder with quick wireless charging!It's never been easier to place your phone in the holder while driving! The Baseus Li..
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