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Brand: Remington
Ear, Eyebrow and Nose Hair Trimmer with Tweezers and Eyebrow Comb Rotary Trimmer Attachment - The Rotary Trimmer is perfect for safely and gently trimming nose and ear hair.Linear Trimmer Attachment with Dual Sided Eyebrow Comb - For fine detailing and hair removal in hard-to-reach areas. The D..
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Brand: Remington Reward Points: 1
Achieving neatly defined facial hair has never been easier thanks to the Remington Beard Boss Professional.Allowing you to take control of your style, this trimmer features titanium coated blades that are 300%* harder than stainless steel. Perfect for trimming even the toughest of hairs, this strong..
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Brand: Philips
All-in-One TrimmerA durable Philips multi-functional trimmer, with 7 quality tools that allow you to easily create the exact face and hairstyle you want...
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Brand: Remington
2 precision, bi-directional blades; remove hair quickly. Blade guard; protects against nicks and cutsDetail groomer; neatly takes care of facial hair and sideburns. Angled head; allows for greater visibilityComforTrim technology; protects against nicks and cuts. 5-position grooming comb; for a varie..
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Brand: Philips Reward Points: 1
Trim your stubble with our new Lift & Trim system: the comb lifts and guides the hairs to the level of the blades for an even trim.Blades have rounded tips for smooth contact with skin to prevent scratching and irritation...
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Brand: Philips Reward Points: 1
Perfectly styled from head to toe: 9 high-quality attachments for the face, hair and body.Thanks to DualCut technology, the self-sharpening blade system cuts your beard and facial hair with incredible precision.Precision trimmer made of metal for perfect edges on your beard or goatee.Battery life: u..
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Brand: Philips
Easy and safe: our protective guard system means no pulling and tugging, providing 100% comfortFast and efficient: our precision trim technology includes a fast moving dual-sided cutter with 16 cutting slots. Double the cutting slots vs the predecessorHygienic: fully washable and showerproof for eas..
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Brand: Remington Reward Points: 1
About this item:Ergonomic Scherkopfwinkel, 2 moveable hypoallergenic foilFlexible trimmer with almond oil effectively Streifen – cuts longer hairs on 2 sidesAnti application system – Advanced open blade design for use with shaving gelNon-slip soft touch handle, bikini c..
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Brand: Remington
About this item:Trim & Shape the bikini area. Precision trimming for close to skin trimmingTrim Shave Technology (Trims to 0.2mmComfort Tip Blades & Comfort Combs.2x Comfort Combs - Same cut length & performance however you hold the comb...
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Brand: Philips Reward Points: 1
Philips Male Beard Trimmer Series 3000 This trimmer with with the innovative Lift & Trim system lifts and captures more low-lying hairs for efficient, even trimming result. This way you will easily achieve the 3-day stubble, short beard look you want. Lift & Trim comb guides hairs ..
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Brand: Remington Reward Points: 1
Precision styling - The intuitive zoom wheel and adjustable comb will help you effortlessly select the length you need, to achieve any style from 3-day stubble to a full, well-maintained beardCordless power - once fully-charged, you'll get an impressive runtime of up to 40-minutes. Never have your g..
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Brand: Remington Reward Points: 1
13 head to toe styles with seven attachments: Mini foil shaver; adjustable comb for beard and hair (2-20 mm); 1.5 and 3 mm fixed combs; linear nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer and TST precision trimmerCordless with up to 60 minutes usage: Letting you take care of your grooming wherever you are, getting..
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