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Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black

Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
Princess Aerofryer XXL - Black
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The Princess Aerofryer XXL 182025 makes it possible to fry, bake, grill, cook, and roast healthy meals for your entire family. The capacity of 4.5 liters makes it possible to fry crispy and delicious fries of up to six portions in one go. The high speed air convection ensures a crispy result even without using oil. Thanks to the digital display and the 8 preprogrammed settings preparing food in the Aerofryer is easy and fun. It has never been easier to serve the entire family’s favorite food in a healthy way.

The latest technology in hot air frying for healthy frying
Because of the unique combination of hot circulating air and easy to adjust temperature, cooking with the Princess Digital Aerofryer XXL is healthy and low fat. You can use the Aerofryer to fry, bake, grill, and roast, making it suitable for meats, fish and even cakes. The High Speed Air convection Technology ensures that you don’t require oil to get a perfect and crispy result. No oil also means no mess so you can leave it in your kitchen for everyday use

Easy to use
Serving your food is easy and safe with the removable basket with cool touch handle. The removable basket and the non-stick coated drawer of the Princess Digital Aerofryer XXL are dishwasher proof so cleaning the Aerofryer is a breeze. With its non-slip feet the Aerofryer stands sturdy on almost every surface keeping it from falling or sliding off. Another safety measure is the overheating protection system that makes sure the Aerofryer doesn’t overheats. The Princess air fryer will be your new favorite kitchen appliance for delicious and healthy food.

Versatile and easy with eight preprogrammed settings
The Princess Digital Aerofryer XXL can also grill, roast and bake your favorite dishes. If you do not know the perfect temperature and cooking time The Princess Aerofryer has eight preprogrammed settings. With the push of a button you can prepare chips, meat, fish, shrimp, chicken, steak and cake. If you rather use your own temperature and time settings you can use the easy to use digital control dial with integrated timer. This way you can cook meatballs, bread rolls and quiches.

Hot air instead of oil
Because of the hot circulating air you need little or no oil to cook fries, meat, fish and vegetables . It is recommended that when you use fresh potatoes you add a tablespoon oil for a crispy result. The Aerofryer is even able to warm up dishes without dehydrating them like a microwave.

Key Features
  • Grill, roast and bake your favourite dishes with fewer calories but maintain the same taste and texture as a convectional fryer
  • High speed air convection technology allows ingredients to be prepared using hot air only
  • Easy to use, adjustable temperature control, integrated timer and digital control panel
  • The large volume (4.5L) provides enough fries for your whole family in one bake
  • The removable and dishwasher proof parts allow easy cleaning
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  • Model: Aerofryer XXL 182025
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