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Xiaomi Mi Sports Fanny Pack - Black

Xiaomi Mi Sports Fanny Pack - Black
Xiaomi Mi Sports Fanny Pack - Black
Xiaomi Mi Sports Fanny Pack - Black
Xiaomi Mi Sports Fanny Pack - Black
Xiaomi Mi Sports Fanny Pack - Black

Compact size to streamline your travels

Four compartments / Allows you to store water bottles / Skin-friendly and wear-resistant / Classic and stylish design

Travel light Create your own luggage

Modern look, comfortable fit. Carry your essential items with you at all times.

Four independent compartments Compact size, large capacity

  • Hidden back pocket - Perfect for storing valuable items like IDs and bank cards.
  • Main compartment - Store your cell phone, power bank, headphones, tissues, and other personal belongings.
  • Front pocket - Store keys, transit card and other items here for easy access
  • Bottle compartment - Keep a bottle of water or a thermos of coffee here

Front pocket for easy travel

A separate transit card slot in the front pocket makes travel fast, and the elasticated key ring will keep your keys in place.

Bottle compartment
Up to 500ml capacity

Don't stop hydrating yourself throughout the day by always carrying water with you. The main and front compartments are connected by elastic mesh on the side of the bum bag that can fit up to 500ml water bottles or a collapsible umbrella for a more comfortable travel experience.

Multi-functional main compartment

The main compartment is equipped with several pockets where you can store essential items such as your mobile phone, wallet, power bank or headphones. It even has room for a handheld game console or e-book reader.

Hide valuables in the rear compartment

The small hidden pocket closest to the body provides additional anti-theft protection. It's the perfect place to carry IDs, bank cards, and other valuables.

Carefully selected materials
Skin-friendly and wear-resistant

The material mainly consists of a light and wear-resistant fabric. It is flexible and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to its smooth texture, you won't have to worry about it damaging or discoloring your clothes.

Rear waterproof fabric
Practical and comfortable

The material is soft to the touch and doesn't wrinkle, so you don't have to worry about it in your day-to-day life.

Safe from the rain

The front of the bum bag is reinforced with a water-repellent* coating. Protects the contents of the fanny pack from rain or snow and the surface dries easily.

*Water resistance test provided by the National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Textile Garment and Accessories (Guangzhou), report number: 200064195.

Waterproof tailored YKK zipper on front and main compartments

For the main and front compartments, we use smooth, strong, custom-made YKK waterproof zippers.

Simple and casual design
Can be worn around the waist

Quality is in the details

  • Nylon shoulder strap - Soft, resistant and pleasant to the touch
  • High-end bespoke buckles - durable and robust
  • Self-closing water bottle compartment - Protect the bottle from falling


  • Product name: Xiaomi Sports Fanny Pack
  • Material: Artificial leather and fabric lining
  • Executive standard: QB/T 1333-2018
  • Weight: Approx. 0.29kg
  • Dimensions: 380 x 160 x 60mm
  • Volume: Approx. 2.25L
  • Product number: M1100214
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Fanny Pack
Ex Tax: 28.00€

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